If you doubted that Hans Christian Andersen’s faith influenced his writing, then read The Psyche. His religious references repeatedly arise throughout this lesser-known story. From his choice of words such as sin, redemption, creation, divine, and evil to the overall theme, Andersen’s spiritual base is evident. The Psyche centers on Andersen’s debate on whether art […]

The decision to get tested for Alzheimer’s disease is very personal. If someone is already showing symptoms, medication and behavior modification can assist with those symptoms. But if no symptoms are evident, the knowledge of a genetic link to Alzheimer’s may offer little reassurance that the disease is or is not in their future. Testing […]

At mass yesterday for All Saints Day, Father asked the school children about their favorite saints. The question prompted me to contemplate as well, and I found my list to be quite long. Saints Katherine Drexel, Elizabeth Seton, Francis of Assisi, and Mother Francis Cabrini are on there for sure. I’m intrigued with Kateri Tekawitha. […]

A healthy diet is important for everyone, but the senior population often overlooks this key to wellness. As we age, we may not need as much food. However, we do need good nutrition. Seniors can lose interest in cooking and food preparation when they transition from cooking for a family to cooking for a couple […]

A century ago, Mary urged us to change our ways as a means toward world peace. Obviously, we haven’t heeded her guidance. If we believe world peace to be an important goal, we all must take action. Every act of compassion brings us one step closer. We all are responsible for the state of the world. […]

The first thing both Mary and the Angel of Peace said to the shepherd children in Fatima was not to be afraid. Scripture has dozens of references that also tell us not to be afraid or worry. When we are doing God’s work, God has us covered. Worry and fear go hand-in-hand. We worry about […]

“The Fatima message centers on prayer. We are instructed to pray–for and about everything–all the time. We pray to worship, ask for blessings, give thanks, and ask forgiveness. We go to God with our every thought. “This is how we communicate with the Lord. We talk and listen from our heart. Like our communications with our […]