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Don’t Be Sad

Feeling blue? We all have periods of sadness, but identifying the causes is important in maintaining well-being. Depression is common in seniors for a number of reasons. Chronic pain and illness, medications, stress from depleting finances, the demands of caregiving, and the loss of friends, meaningful work, and physical abilities are common causes. Symptoms in […]

God is Now

“Memory is essential to our well-being, but why do we forget so much as we grow older? For some, it is a challenge to recall all but the most significant events and details. And even the events that once defined us fade away. In later stages of Alzheimer’s, many do not even know their own […]

When the Holy Spirit Speaks

“It isn’t unusual to be thumbing through the Bible only to find that the first passage to strike our attention is the one message we need at that time. This also occasionally happens when a verse is posted on a sign or quoted somewhere. In whatever way one catches our eye, the Holy Spirit is […]

Health and Happiness

“If genetics is responsible for one-third of the longevity formula, most of the remaining two-thirds is behavioral. Most of your health is in in your hands. Happiness is one of those aspects over which you have at least some control. Depression can be quite serious and difficult to handle even with the best medications and counseling. […]

2014 CPA Book Awards

Writing books takes years of research, writing, and rewriting, and it is rewarding when readers tell me the books made a difference in their life or when they are honored by my peers. Both Saint Theodora and Her Promise to God and Young in the Spirit received Honorable Mentions in the 2014 Catholic Press Association of the United States and […]

Liguorian Review

The February hardcopy and online issue of the Liguorian, (a 100-year-old Redemptorist Pastoral Publication), printed a review of my book, Young in the Spirit. The review said, “Mary K. Doyle’s brief writing is brimming with practical encouragement and pastoral guidance grounded in Scripture as well as in respected theological, psychological, and social works.” You can […]