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We are One Body

One of the greatest ways to strengthen our spirituality is by passing it on. We cannot share what we do not know is within us. In order to pass on our faith, we must recognize, name, honor, and cherish it. The practice forces us to have a clear understanding of our beliefs. We build on […]

Tithing in Retirement

My husband, Marshall, was very generous when he was working. He treated family and friends often. But when he no longer worked, he cut back considerably. Despite the early signs of dementia, he understood that our financial situation drastically changed. We couldn’t spend on ourselves or our loved ones as we had for decades. Every […]

Put It in God’s Hands

Older people are the happiest. Studies continuously show this to be true. Perhaps there is less stress, especially for those who are retired and whose children are grown and self-sufficient.Although health may decline, there tends to be less to worry about. It also is likely to do with faith. Studies also show that those with […]

Check Point

If you died today, how would your obituary read? How is this different from the way you would like it to be? Death is indiscriminate. It is inevitable and can come at any moment. Honestly assessing our lives from time-to-time, and acknowledging our mortality is not morbid. It’s realistic and prompts opportunities to reflect on our readiness to meet […]

Busy Balance

What’s the balance between way-too busy and sedentary? If we aren’t working full-time, we may have daily responsibilities, part-time work, household projects, and volunteer hours mixed with extra-curricular activities, socializing, and simple down time. But is there anything wrong with going to the extreme one way or the other? I tend to be the crazy busy person. Somehow, there […]

Why I Can’t Ask Why

It’s not likely that anyone can get to their 40, 50, or 60s without experiencing a list of hardships. Some of those painful events can be deep and get us stuck in the muck of depression. I, like many of you, have moments when I wallow in woe-is-me. I can’t help but ask why my husband […]

Moved by the Spirit

Veni Sancte Spiritus. Come Holy Spirit. The first time I heard the haunting hymn by this name was at an ordination. It was sung during the part of the ceremony known as Laying on of Hands where the newly ordained receive a blessing from fellow priests. I literally felt the Spirit fire within me from deep inside […]

10 Ways to Lift the Spirit of the Sick

Here are a few ways you can assist a sick friend or neighbor: Pray for them Send little notes Drop off a healthy meal Run errands Do their laundry Watch their children Send a text or Facebook message Give them a call Drive them to their appointments Give warm hugs  

The Spirituality of Caregiving

Caregiving is spiritual work. While assisting someone with eating, dressing, bathing, toileting, and walking, especially if we do these things joyfully, we are intimately and soulfully caring for another person. We are  sharing our abilities with someone who is disabled, who cannot do these things for themself. The dignity of the human person is the foundation of a […]

In Tune with our Spiritual Health

We cannot know where we are on our life journey, We may be 42 years old in anticipation of our second half of life, 68 years old on the cup of old age with only one more year remaining, or 95 with another ten. In any case, with each passing moment we certainly are one […]