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The Rosary List

My day isn’t complete without praying the rosary. The practice helps me to stop, reflect, and ponder the gifts God has given us in Jesus. If you know how to pray the rosary but could use a reminder in regards to the Mysteries, no worries. I have a list for you. Simply decide upon which set of Mysteries […]

Peace Begins with You and Me

What a tumultuous world we live in. No one can dispute the fact that our world is in turmoil. Economic disparity, religious conflicts, racial and gender discrimination, substance abuse, greed, jealousy, and vengefulness are global flash points. At any moment, in any location, our fragile film of peace can, and often does, rip open into […]

Rosary in Your Hand

What’s the best rosary to pray on? The one you will use. There are so many rosaries to choose from. They come in every color, made of every imaginable product, and range greatly in price. Crystal, plastic, pearl, semi-precious stones, seeds, and wood. And the crosses and medals vary as much as the beads. When […]

The Assumption of Mary

Today is Monday, the day of the week we traditionally pray the Joyful Mysteries. Being that it is also the Feast of the Assumption, we may consider praying the Glorious Mysteries and take a few minutes more to consider the Fourth Mystery, the Assumption of Mary. According to Tradition, Catholics believe that Mary, because of […]

Your Mother Loves You

“Do you know how much your mother loves you?” Mary has asked this of so many people she’s appeared to. How blessed we are that Jesus shares his mother – our Lord’s mother – with us, and that she loves everyone of us dearly. Mary is with us. Our holy mother is on our side […]

The Rosary for Saints and Sinners

So many saints showed devotion to Mary through the rosary. They knew that praying the rosary draws us closer to Jesus.Open your heart to the mother and she will pray with us on our path to her son. St. Padre Pio said, “Some people are so foolish that they think they can go through life […]

Happy Anniversary Rosary-Prayer-by-Prayer

The birth of a book is like that of a child to an author. My little books take years of research and writing to compile, and often, more years through the publishing process. I then spend a good number of years promoting it. Most books have a lifetime. Some are short-lived, relevant for a handful of years. […]

Revised Edition of The Rosary Prayer by Prayer

ACTA Publications just released a revised edition of The Rosary Prayer by Prayer. Now in a handy paperback, the book has the same layout as the original with moving illustrations by Joseph Cannella and reflections for every mystery and a picture of the rosary with the current bead circled. All the same prayers and resources […]