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God Is with Us

Saint Theodora’s mantra was Trust in Providence. She realized the challenges this belief presented. It wasn’t as if her life and ministry was smooth sailing all the way. Yet, Saint Theodora trusted in God when chronic illness made attending to her responsibilities difficult. She trusted in God when fire destroyed the community’s food supply. She didn’t give up […]

With a Capital “I”

We are an “I” centered society. Unlike other languages, such as Spanish (yo) and German (ich), the English personal pronoun “I” is capitalized. Perhaps such focus on ourselves in writing is reflective of the attention we place on our own wants and needs. We think we’re all rock stars and deserving of undue attention. How we […]

Calm in the Heart of Jesus

What strength the soul draws from prayer! In the midst of a storm, how sweet is the calm it finds in the heart of Jesus. – Saint Theodora/Mother Theodore Guerin

Where There is Hatred Let Me Sow Your Love

Tragedy and terror surrounds our children. Not a day passes that the news isn’t filled with horrific scenes on the media. How do we protect and prepare our children for the world they are growing into? The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychology recommends helping children find ways of expressing their fears such as with […]

Serving Others as She Led

“First and foremost, Mother Theodore was a religious woman. In her humble way she sought to follow God’s will rather than her own. As a servant leader, she rolled up her sleeves and physically participated in her missions. She taught in the classroom, cared for the field animals, tended the crops in the garden, coordinated […]

Reaching Out to Raise Them Up

When we share what we know, we multiply our knowledge endlessly. Show your daughter how to change a tire, teach your neighbor how to bake bread,or introduce a co-worker to someone who could advance their career, and you not only assist that one person, but all who they touch as well. Technology allows us to mentor […]

Modern Heroes

Our children are exposed to hundreds of role models every day via television, the internet, videos, books, magazines, and newspapers in addition to the people who are up close and personal in their daily life.They are learning how to treat others, lead, react, and speak from them. Unfortunately, a good number do not display admirable characteristics. […]

All God’s Creatures

Saint Theodora/Mother Theodore said that if we love God, we will love, honor, and respect all of God’s creation. Her diaries note many of her interactions with animals. She was particularly excited to see whales and fish in the ocean and the birds in the sky while on the ship to America. She also had great […]

Do Better

“It is not enough to acknowledge our faults;we must correct them.” How often Saint Theodora told this to the sisters in her religious community. The sisters came to her and openly admitted where they fell short, but they returned to her repeatedly with the same issues. Things don’t change unless we do. We have to try harder […]

Children with Adult Responsibilities

All too often, children are blessed with wonderful parents, when through no fault of their own, the parents no longer are able to care for them. Situations, such as with severe illnesses, can force roles to be reversed resulting in children caring for parents. Saint Theodora’s happy childhood abruptly ended at the age of 15. Her father was murdered […]