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Why We Suffer

“Grieving triggers a range of spiritual questions. We ask why ‘this’ happened to us. Why did it happen now? We want to know why we must endure such anguish and how long must we suffer. When our security is threatened, it’s not unusual to begin a dance with God. We bargain that we will do […]

God’s Instrument

Ancient cultures thought that illness was a divine punishment. The sick person or their ancestors failed God in some way and got what they deserved. Associating with someone who was diseased or who worked in an unethical job harmed other people’s health as well. They believed that if they went near someone who was sick or disabled, […]

Sorrow into Success

This generation is greatly blessed to have witnessed several saints in action. Pope Saint John Paul II and the soon to be Saint Mother Teresa are two of the powerful role models we’ve had. In this modern age, we were able to actually see these faith-filled lives in action in real time. We read about them in […]