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Today’s Adults Create Tomorrow’s

According to tradition, we believe that Mary was born to an older couple, Anna and Joachim. Mary also is thought to have been sent to live in the temple as a child. This makes me wonder how she became such a devoted mother to our Lord and all humanity. Who did Mary learn from? No doubt, many of her skills […]

God Is with Us

Saint Theodora’s mantra was Trust in Providence. She realized the challenges this belief presented. It wasn’t as if her life and ministry was smooth sailing all the way. Yet, Saint Theodora trusted in God when chronic illness made attending to her responsibilities difficult. She trusted in God when fire destroyed the community’s food supply. She didn’t give up […]

Our Father

The Our Father is the perfect prayer. When the disciples asked Jesus how to pray, Jesus responded with the Our Father (Matthew 6:9-13). It is prayed at the beginning of the rosary and with every mystery. “In the Our Father we praise God (Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name). We acknowledge the final coming […]

With a Capital “I”

We are an “I” centered society. Unlike other languages, such as Spanish (yo) and German (ich), the English personal pronoun “I” is capitalized. Perhaps such focus on ourselves in writing is reflective of the attention we place on our own wants and needs. We think we’re all rock stars and deserving of undue attention. How we […]

When Down, Look Up

Around 350 million people suffer from depression. In recent years I’ve counted myself in that number. Fortunately, I have more good days than bad but know the depths of sorrow. This is a common side-effect of having a spouse with Alzheimer’s disease. I’m in a perpetual state of mourning because I continuously lose a part […]

Calm in the Heart of Jesus

What strength the soul draws from prayer! In the midst of a storm, how sweet is the calm it finds in the heart of Jesus. – Saint Theodora/Mother Theodore Guerin

Others First

“Jesus entered this world in a most unassuming way. The greatest person to ever walk this earth was born into a modest family, laid in a straw bed, and surrounded by field animals in a strange town. He continued to live his life in such a manner, void of any form of luxury. Jesus showed […]

The Rosary for Saints and Sinners

So many saints showed devotion to Mary through the rosary. They knew that praying the rosary draws us closer to Jesus.Open your heart to the mother and she will pray with us on our path to her son. St. Padre Pio said, “Some people are so foolish that they think they can go through life […]