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Pondering the Spirit

One of my favorite Mysteries of the Rosary is the Descent of the Holy Spirit. Fascinated with the event, I imagine being in the upper room with the apostles, Mary, and the other women to celebrate the feast of Pentecost. I wonder if I would have been frightened by the wind-like entrance of the Holy Spirit or […]

Moved by the Spirit

Veni Sancte Spiritus. Come Holy Spirit. The first time I heard the haunting hymn by this name was at an ordination. It was sung during the part of the ceremony known as Laying on of Hands where the newly ordained receive a blessing from fellow priests. I literally felt the Spirit fire within me from deep inside […]

In Tune with our Spiritual Health

We cannot know where we are on our life journey, We may be 42 years old in anticipation of our second half of life, 68 years old on the cup of old age with only one more year remaining, or 95 with another ten. In any case, with each passing moment we certainly are one […]

When the Holy Spirit Speaks

“It isn’t unusual to be thumbing through the Bible only to find that the first passage to strike our attention is the one message we need at that time. This also occasionally happens when a verse is posted on a sign or quoted somewhere. In whatever way one catches our eye, the Holy Spirit is […]