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The Good Guys Win

Fairy tales are filled with conflict. In most, a struggle ensues between good and evil, and good wins out in the end. We see this theme throughout Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales. The innocent child reveals the naked truth about the arrogant emperor in The Emperor’s New Clothes. The spell of the evil goblin on little Kay in the Snow Queen […]

Modern Heroes

Our children are exposed to hundreds of role models every day via television, the internet, videos, books, magazines, and newspapers in addition to the people who are up close and personal in their daily life.They are learning how to treat others, lead, react, and speak from them. Unfortunately, a good number do not display admirable characteristics. […]

The Look of a Hero

Thumbelina was born within the petals of a flower. She was no taller than a thumb.The Steadfast Tin Soldier had only one leg. The Ugly Duckling was ridiculed because of his unusually large size and looks. These are the heroes in Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales. Compassionate, humble, and courageous. Be open to the possibilities within those […]