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Comforting the Lonely

Remember those busy days when our families were young and on the move? People surrounded us. In addition to our friends and family, the parents of our children’s friends, neighbors, church ministries, and coworkers filled our lives. How often we wished back then for a quiet moment. As that wish becomes a reality, we can […]

Your Fairy Tale Life

Do you remember your childhood dreams? How did you envision your future? Life can make us cynical and hard. Sure it’s tough, but look around. Notice the abundance of love and goodness that surrounds you. You well may be living the dream. What a waste if you never noticed. (Have you read Hans Christian Andersen […]

Health and Happiness

“If genetics is responsible for one-third of the longevity formula, most of the remaining two-thirds is behavioral. Most of your health is in in your hands. Happiness is one of those aspects over which you have at least some control. Depression can be quite serious and difficult to handle even with the best medications and counseling. […]