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Good vs Evil

The wicked queen in the The Wild Swans. The weavers in The Emperor’s New Clothes. The evil goblin in The Snow Queen. There’s no doubt in most fairy tales as to who is good and who is evil. Bad characters do all the bad actions, and good ones are all good. In real life, the […]

Leaning Toward Good

In fairy tales, there are good guys and bad guys. The roles are usually clear. We know who to cheer and who to fear. Life isn’t typically like this. The lines blur between good and evil. Good people make mistakes. They fail. Sometimes they do bad things. And bad people surprise us and do good […]

Pray Away Your Fear

“There she saw, seated in a circle on one of the largest tombstones, a group of hideous ghouls–horrid witches. They were taking off their rags as if about to bathe, but then they buried their long, gaunt fingers in the new graves, snatched the bodies out of them, and began to eat their flesh. Elisa […]