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Walking in Someone’s Painful Shoes

 My sister, Patti, says that everything is relevant. Patti is a financial advisor for Morgan Stanley. She says that if her clients are making money, they feel the market is doing well. If they are losing money, then the market is poor.This concept can be applied to all factors of life. We view things from […]

Land of the Free?

Please tell me, is this the kind of world you want to live in? Are you proud to leave our country in its present condition to the next generation—our children, grandchildren—any child? Perhaps your perception of the world is different than mine, but I see disrespect for the environment, wildlife, and humanity. I see inequity, […]

Equal Pay

We’ve heard it before, but undoubtedly, not often enough. The fact is that women do not earn equally in the U.S. The current statistic is that, on average, women earn only 79 cents to every man’s dollar. That 21 cent hourly difference not only makes a significant yearly income difference, it lowers pension, Social Security, […]