If you lived when Christ walked the earth, would you have recognized him as our savior? Saying, yes, is easier from our current perspective, but back then Jesus was known as a radical. He shook up the standard beliefs and how to live faithfully in the Lord. And if you didn’t have the blessing of […]

If you want to participate in our Church’s greatest and most unique solemnity, attend the Easter Vigil. Most Catholics are accustomed to Masses that are an hour or less, but the Easter Vigil typically lasts two to three times that. Together we keep watch for the resurrection of Christ in a profound way. Celebrated after […]

On the night of the Last Supper, after sharing bread and wine and telling his disciples they were actually sharing his body and blood, Judas betrayed Jesus. The following morning, Jesus was brought before the Jewish cleric, Annas, who condemned him for blasphemy. Jesus was sent to Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor of the province, […]

Rich in symbolism and significance, we are in the midst of the Church’s holiest days. From Palm Sunday through Easter, we celebrate Jesus’s victory and his message of love, service, and sacrifice. Holy Thursday is the commemoration of Jesus’ Last Supper and the institution of the priesthood as well as the Eucharist. While celebrating the […]

Shadows reaching for you while fantastical images, past memories, and present activities jumble together. This is the state of mind of someone with Alzheimer’s disease suffering from sundowning syndrome.  No wonder living in this disturbing dream-like state results in agitation. Sundowning syndrome is a mood and behavior change that occurs later in the day and […]

Saint Theodora, also fondly known as Saint Mother Theodore Guerin, you lovingly taught the students entrusted to your care. Please watch over our children and pray our prayers with us that our Heavenly Father surrounds our children with the protection of angels. May our children know they are treasured by God, their families, other students, […]

Prayer in numbers is powerful, and we never have to pray alone. In addition to soliciting prayers from living friends and family as we are instructed to do in Scripture (James 5:14), we can pray with our spiritual friends, the saints. In addition to praying to God—the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—we can ask saints […]