Eternity with the Lord. That is one of our basic Christian beliefs. In the Apostles’ Creed, we state that we will enjoy “life everlasting.” And we spend this everlasting life with God in a place we refer to as heaven. Jesus said that the gift of everlasting life in heaven with the Lord is promised […]

We prayed. We bargained. We begged. God did not answer our prayer as we hoped and now we are falling into a dark pit. Depression is a common response to grief and often follows denial, anger, and bargaining. We feel powerless in our loss. Something or someone dear was taken from us and we could […]

Hospice. The word alone makes us uncomfortable. It prompts thoughts of death, the loss of loved ones, and our own mortality. But when we reach those points, hospice is the guide we turn to. Hospice is a special service for people with a life-limiting illness. Compassionate providers administer care in a personal home, nursing home, […]

Most seniors come to a point where we realize we must downsize. Our beloved home is too much for us to care for and too expensive to keep up. But where do we go? Once we receive that AARP card, our mailbox fills with promotional materials for a wide range of senior living choices. From […]

One of the basic obligations of a Christian is to serve one another, Jesus came to serve (Matthew 20:28) and show us how this should be done. Jesus reached out to the sick, poor, and marginalized. He shared his wisdom with all who listened. He even washed the feet of his apostles, disciples who served him. We […]

How many of these facts on the rosary do you know? Celebrate with a Hail Mary after each one. The rosary is an aid to meditation, a tool to help us meditate on the life of Christ. The complete rosary consists of 20 mysteries and 20 decades. It takes only 15-20 minutes to pray a […]

“The days went by, one just like the other. When the wind blew through the hedges outside the house, it whispered to the horses, “Who could be more beautiful than you?” The roses shook their heads and answered, “Elise!” And when the old woman sat in the doorway of a Sunday reading in her psalm-book, […]

The bulbs are flickering but still light the room. Outsiders rarely understand Alzheimer’s disease. If they don’t or haven’t cared for someone with Alzheimer’s 24/7 for at least a week, they presume the state of our loved one to be better or worse than it is. A few outsiders believe that a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease […]

Ancient cultures thought that illness was a divine punishment. The sick person or their ancestors failed God in some way and got what they deserved. Associating with someone who was diseased or who worked in an unethical job harmed other people’s health as well. They believed that if they went near someone who was sick or disabled, […]

“Lord, if you help me find a job today, I promise I’ll never complain about going to work. I will go in every day with a smile on my face.” Not all losses are the same but losing a job is close to the top, because it is painful on several levels. The loss of […]