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Saints for Support

Prayer in numbers is powerful, and we never have to pray alone. In addition to soliciting prayers from living friends and family as we are instructed to do in Scripture (James 5:14), we can pray with our spiritual friends, the saints. In addition to praying to God—the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—we can ask saints […]

Caregiver and Alzheimer’s Information

Seeking information on Alzheimer’s and caregiving to a loved one with this disease? See the Facebook page for my book, Navigating Alzheimer’s. I’m posting information  from reputable sites to offer a resource for anyone dealing with this situation.

Midwest Mary

Have you seen my blog, Midwest Mary? I post twice a week on everyday thoughts and issues. You can check it out here:

Honorable Mention

Just received word that Young in the Spirit received an Honorable Mention in the General Non-Fiction category of the 2013 Great Midwest Book Festival.

Review of Young in the Spirit

“We are or will be affected by the boom in the aging population. How we approach this reality depends on our attitudes and spiritual beliefs. Young in the Spirit: Spiritual Strengthening for Seniors and Caregivers is a valuable resource for… everyone. It provides seniors and their caregivers with the spiritual tools that help us to […]


Words are powerful. They have the ability to change lives. Mary K. Doyle attempts to do that, in some small way, through her books. She writes on important topics in a conversational style, pastorally and from the heart. Please click on the tabs above for each title and see if they may be of interest […]