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Peace is Up to Us

A century ago, Mary urged us to change our ways as a means toward world peace. Obviously, we haven’t heeded her guidance. If we believe world peace to be an important goal, we all must take action. Every act of compassion brings us one step closer. We all are responsible for the state of the world. […]

Don’t Be Afraid

The first thing both Mary and the Angel of Peace said to the shepherd children in Fatima was not to be afraid. Scripture has dozens of references that also tell us not to be afraid or worry. When we are doing God’s work, God has us covered. Worry and fear go hand-in-hand. We worry about […]

Pray Continuously

“The Fatima message centers on prayer. We are instructed to pray–for and about everything–all the time. We pray to worship, ask for blessings, give thanks, and ask forgiveness. We go to God with our every thought. “This is how we communicate with the Lord. We talk and listen from our heart. Like our communications with our […]

Get the Word Out

On Jue 13, 1917, Mary told Lucia, Francisco, and Jacinta, “Jesus wishes to make use of you to make me known and loved.” The children responded with their participation in the apparitions and their exemplary level of devotion until their deaths. Their efforts helped prompt the conversion of tens of thousands in their lifetime and the […]

God’s Plan for You

When Mary appeared to the shepherd children in Fatima, Portugal in 1917, she asked if they were willing to offer themselves to God. Lucia was only ten years old, Francisco-nine, and Jacinta was seven at the time, yet the young children said “Yes.” God has a plan for all of us, but we have the choice […]

Embrace Suffering

Mary asked Lucia, Francisco, and Jacinta, ‘Are you willing to offer yourselves to God and bear all the sufferings He wills to send you?’ Lucia responded, yes, that they were willing. ‘Then you are going to have much to suffer,’ Mary said. “On July 13, 1917, Mary said, ‘Sacrifice yourselves for sinners and say many […]

Pray the Rosary for Peace

On October 7, 1917, Mary told the shepherd children of Fatima that she is Our Lady of the Rosary. She asked that we pray the rosary every day for peace. “The rosary is a path to peace because it promotes peace within ourselves, and that peace reflects on everyone we encounter. The rhythmic sequence of prayers […]