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Hardships for Success

Our early struggles often feed our future successes. They can provide opportunities for personal growth and creative inspiration. Such is the way with Hans Christian Andersen. Andersen was born on April 2, 1805, into a poor family. The Andersen’s lived in a one-bedroom home in an impoverished area. They moved two years later to a […]

Support, Resources, and Research

With the recent passing of singer, songwriter Glen Campbell (1936-2017), attention draws once again on Alzheimer’s. Mr Campbell was one of the 5.5 million Americans currently living with the disease. Our greatest advocate in fighting this most critical public health hazard and our nation’s most expensive illness, may well be the Alzheimer’s Association. The organization […]

Comforting the Lonely

Remember those busy days when our families were young and on the move? People surrounded us. In addition to our friends and family, the parents of our children’s friends, neighbors, church ministries, and coworkers filled our lives. How often we wished back then for a quiet moment. As that wish becomes a reality, we can […]

Serving One Another with the Legion of Mary

Grieving our life’s pain with Mary blooms into something beautiful when we transform our heartache into works of love, prayer, and charity. A wide variety of Marian organizations offers such opportunities in which to participate. From daily prayers to feeding the hungry, we can align ourselves with groups that fit our abilities and time constraints. […]

All for the Lord

Saint Theodora said that we don’t need to do anything special to become saints as long as we do everything for the love of the Lord. Pope Francis noted this in a similar way in his latest apostolic letter. Until recently, the causes for sainthood in the Catholic Church included: 1. martyrdom, 2. having lived […]

Devotion of Louis Mary Grignion de Monfort

Followers of the Virgin Mary and her model of faith have existed since she walked the earth. Those who are blessed to know her then and now are captivated by her eager choice to accept God’s plan and strive to fulfill it. Louis Mary Grignion de Monfort is one of our saints known for his […]

She Wished Me Courage

One of the last words of guidance my friend and mentor, Sister Alexa, shared with me was to be courageous. At the time, I didn’t fully understand in what regards she was referring. Was she thinking about the endless decisions I need to make caring for my husband, career moves, my writings, or my health […]