Visiting Memory Care Homes

Adding to the heartbreak of having a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease, the COVID-19 pandemic prevented families from viewing memory care homes and seeing their loved ones once they were placed. I can only imagine how difficult this was.

Visiting my husband, Marshall, as often as I wished allowed me to remain close to him and check on his well-being. I held his hand, read to him, and walked with him. Being together was comforting for both of us.

Due to the need to prevent spreading COVID, families were not allowed to do all that for about 18 months! Until everyone was vaccinated, visitation was over the phone, via video conferencing, from outside a window, and at the very best, across a courtyard or porch.

Finally, homes are once again open. Families may view facilities in person rather than only online. Most significantly, they can hold their loved ones again.

If you’re finding that it is no longer safe or healthy for you to care for your loved one with dementia at home, memory care homes are now open to review. A check list with some considerations follows this post.

I truly wish you the best, and I hold you all in prayer.

*Checklist for Viewing Memory Care Homes

  • Is the distance from your home to the memory care home close enough?
  • Is the cost affordable within your budget?
  • Does the home accept military benefits or long-term care insurance?
  • How does the staff relate to residents?
  • Are residents treated respectfully? Are they clean? Do most look content?
  • Are there noticeable odors?
  • Is the décor dementia friendly?
  • What types of activities are offered?
  • Are activities offered 7 days a week and throughout the day?
  • What condition are other residents in? Are they mobile and fairly active?
  • How do you feel about the staff?
  • Is there on-site medical care?
  • What is the policy for family visitation?

* For more information on caring for loved ones with dementia, check out my books: Navigating Alzheimer’s, The Alzheimer’s Spouse, and Inspired Caregiving.

*Who Do You Want Your Children to Follow?


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