Who Do You Want Your Children to Follow?

Biographies are one of my favorite stories to read or watch. I’m fascinated by how we all live the life we’ve been given, overcome our challenges, and achieve our goals. When I was a child, saints topped that list of biographies. These were the people I wanted to emulate.  

It would be interesting to poll children across the country today and ask who their role models are. My guess is that they’d name the people they’re most exposed to. If our kids focus on what they see on TV or hear in their music, those are the models they’ll be drawn to. In offering literature, programs, stories, opportunities to meet people we believe have strong talents, morals, attitudes, and leadership skills, and show those characteristics within us, as well, we offer our children people we hope for them to follow.

St. Theodora, also known as St. Mother Theodore Guerin, is one of those personalities that offers a positive role model. She was all about the children. She was a teacher and mentor to her students. As a religious woman, her priority was to love the children first and teach them about Jesus.

St. Theodora’s own life story as a loving daughter, missionary, leader, and founder of a religious community, elementary schools, and a women’s college, certainly portrays an exemplary model. From the time she was ten years old, she promised God that she would do whatever she believed God wanted of her. She dedicated her life to serving the Lord.

Please consider teaching the young ones in your life about this saint and others you believe offer prime examples of people who live their God-given life in honorable ways.


Photo: Sweet little Kaleigh and one of her favorite books, St. Theodora and Her Promise to God. St. Theodora and Her Promise to God  is available on Amazon and through the Sisters of Providence’s gift shop, Linden Tree Gifts.



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  2. […] *Who Do You Want Your Children to Follow? […]


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