Memory Lane Games

Visiting with a loved one with dementia can be complicated. We must watch what we say, how we say it, and the words we use. “Discussions” need to be basic and clear to avoid confusion and frustration for both of us.

Finding activities enjoyable for both family members offers an opportunity to share time and triggers little conversations. When I was with my husband, Marshall, during his 15 years of Alzheimer’s symptoms, I sought ways to interact with him. We’d browse through magazines and picture books, walk through gardens, play checkers, and work on basic projects together.

An online company called Memory Lane Games has a number of short games for family members to play with loved ones with dementia. I would have welcomed playing many of them with Marshall.

Cofounder Bruce Elliott and his counsel founded their company based on personal experience. Both have mothers suffering from dementia. They created the initial games to play with their mothers and expanded from there.

Memory Lane Games are enjoyable and will prompt discussions on a wide range of topics and are at various skill levels. Cats and Dogs, Elvis Presley, Finish the Lyric 1960s, and World History are a few from which to select. Some are quite difficult, most are slightly challenging, and a few are very simple. Games are accessed by downloading the App through cell phone App Stores.

While playing a game and an incorrect answer is tapped, that choice simply disappears. If a correct one is chosen, the answer turns green and a message pops up stating, “That’s Correct!” Upon completion, the message says, “Thanks for Playing” and asks how we feel about that game. Results help to offer more games of greater relevance and skill level to players.

I suggest sharing your location for games relevant to your local area. Although, when I tried to do this,
“Games Near Me” continued to be offered from the Isle of Man where they originate. I had better luck when entering my location in the search bar. For example, I searched for Chicago and the United States and was offered games on American history, sports, and TV shows.

If a location is not specified, games are more U.K. oriented. For example, under the category of Cakes, a question asked, “Which sponge cake is best served with jam and cream in the middle?” The answers to choose from include Victoria Sponge, Millie Sponge, Louise Sponge, and Elizabeth Sponge, none of which are familiar to most Americans.

*For more information for families dealing with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, see my books, Navigating Alzheimer’s, The Alzheimer’s Spouse, and Inspired Caregiving.

*Check out the soothing photos on my post, Heavenly Arboretum on my other blog.



  1. research has shown, that those with rapid acting dementia, many have been misdiagnosed, this is the latest research, as cancer is often hidden in the apparent dementia diagnosis, amen

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