Healthier, Happier New Year

Do you have a resolution for the new year? Statistics say more than half of us begin a year with one but few of us keep it. The best way to do so is to choose a goal that is realistic, and I’ve written a book that can help you with that.

Inspired Caregiving. Weekly Morale Boosters, offers small ways in which we can be healthier and happier. The book is geared toward caregivers—all of us who are, have, or will care for another individual, which truly includes most of us. However, everyone can apply the morale boosters to their daily lives.

It doesn’t take much. Drinking more water, listening to music, retreating, walking, asking for forgiveness, and smiling are a few of the 52 suggestions on how to lift us physically, mentally, and spiritually. Each week has a very doable focus to consider with a little prayer, thought, activity, stretch, affirmation, quote, and bit of humor to offer guidance, encouragement, improved self-talk, and a smile. Also included are 52 photos which I’ve taken through the years.

Inspired Caregiving. Weekly Morale Boosters is a very gift-able book in an easy-to-read attractive format. At 6 inches by 6 inches, it’s a perfect nightstand size to keep handy for a morning dose of inspiration and relaxing night reading.

(Inspired Caregiving is available from Amazon ACTA Publications, and my website.


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