Pet a Pet to Ease the COVID Blues

The littlest things can boost our morale and energy levels. A short, outdoor walk in the cool breeze and sunshine, a half hour of gentle exercise, and a few hours laughing and talking with a friend can make all the difference.

Sunday, I watched my son’s dog, Lois. Lois’ warm, loving body snuggled next to mine while I worked on my laptop. She eagerly followed me up and down the stairs. And she stood her ground firmly, ready to defend me, when my (friendly) neighbor stepped out her door with her own little pooch. I was happy all day with Lois near me.

Pets are good for us. We know this from all the animals registered as pet therapists. Petting a sweet creature can lower our blood pressure, release endorphins alleviate pain, reduce stress, and improve motor skills, joint movement, and verbal and social skills.

During these isolated COVID days, those living alone can become very lonely. A dog or cat helps ease the stress of this worrisome pandemic. Pets also need us to focus attention on their care, distracting us from the daily news events.

For more suggestions on how we can lift our body, mind, and spirit, see my newest book, Inspired Caregiving. Weekly Morale Boosters, a very gift-able book in an easy-to-read attractive format. At 6 inches by 6 inches, it’s a perfect nightstand size to keep handy for a morning dose of inspiration and relaxing night reading.

(Inspired Caregiving is available from Amazon ACTA Publications, and my website.


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  2. I was in bed for several days due to COVID symptoms and my cat Zak stayed with me in bed virtually the entire time. He’s the most loyal and sweetest cat I’ve had.

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    1. How devoted these sweet creatures are to us. Are you completely better now, Brandon?

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      1. I developed pneumonia, so that is still sticking around, but other than that I’m fine. Thanks!


      2. Please take care of yourself. You’ll heal better in the long run if you rest now. I had pneumonia in 2014 and it took 6 months for my lungs to fully clear.

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  4. My dog is either by my side or Mark’s. She wants the comfort of being with one of us. Nice post.


    1. Thank you, Geri. I’m happy you have a sweet pet beside you,

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