New Book to Boost Caregiver Morale

Most of us care for someone at least at one point in our lives. We tend to the needs of children, parents, and spouses. And many of us work in the field, caring for “strangers” as if they were our own family.

My newest book, Inspired Caregiving. Weekly Morale Boosters, offers doses of encouragement and suggestions to boost caregiver morale. Each week has a theme to consider with a rotation that includes inspiring photos, prayers, thoughts, activities, stretches, quotes, and a bit of humor. The weekly chapters are not dated, so readers can start at the beginning of the book and read one chapter a week.  

As I’ve written before, I’ve provided care for loved ones throughout my life—as a mother, spouse, grandmother, granddaughter, daughter, and friend. My most significant caregiving role was with my husband, Marshall, who showed symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease for nearly 15 years of our 24-year marriage. In his last years, when he resided in a memory care home, I continued to oversee his care and remain physically present to him, devoting every minute I could to him until his last breath in 2019.

Caregiving can be a joy. It also can be demanding and disheartening. Like so many of you, I learned from experience that caregiving works best when we realize we are not alone, we ask for help, and care for ourselves along the way. We cannot perform at our best when we are ill, in pain, or exhausted. Burn-out is a real possibility because there is so much to do.

Inspired Caregiving is very gift-able in an easy-to-read attractive format and designed with all caregivers in mind. At 6 inches by 6 inches, it’s a perfect nightstand size to keep handy for a morning dose of inspiration and relaxing night reading.

(Inspired Caregiving is available from Amazon , ACTA Publications, and my website.


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