God’s Kingdom Here and Now

If the current demand for social justice makes us uncomfortable, we might ask why that is so. Perhaps we recognize that we are not truly striving for equality, peace, and compassion for all of our brothers and sisters? We aren’t being as thoughtful and considerate of others as we should be.

Social media and consumerism have allowed us to become laxed and participate in a culture of “It’s all about me.” We lash out when hurt, spout off without regard of anyone’s feelings, and use others as the brunt of our jokes. We are reluctant to share our treasures and our talents.

The definition of “to proclaim” is to make a public or official announcement, especially one that is of great importance. In the Christian sense, it is to announce Christ to the world, to introduce him to those who do not know him or know him well.

When we proclaim the Kingdom, we are referring to the Kingdom of God. We find numerous references to the Kingdom throughout Scripture. Jesus spoke about it often and we meditate upon the meaning of this in the Third Luminous Mystery of the Rosary.

The Kingdom is also called the Kingdom of Heaven where Heaven is not a single location. It signifies the rule of an eternal, sovereign God over all things and everyone in the universe. Jesus said that the kingdom of God is within us. God’s love and guidance is a part of us. When we pray for the Kingdom of God, we seek God’s sovereignty over our lives trusting in and obeying God’s will and direction.

Jesus’ ministry centered on the proclamation of the Kingdom. He showed us how to proclaim through words and actions. Like Jesus, we may memorize Scripture and repeat it to others. But like Jesus, we also are to live it and show it through our actions. Our deeds need to reflect our words. Reciting verses to those around us while hurting them with insults, demeaning actions, or selfishness is an innacurate representation of the Word and can result in being responsible for turning someone away from God.

Pope John Paull II wrote, “Jesus Christ is the stable principle and fixed center of the mission that God has entrusted to man. We must all share in this mission and concentrate all our forces on it, since it is more necessary than ever for modern mankind” (Redemptor Hominis, 11).

What a perfect time in history to remind ourselves of our Christian obligation to proclaim the kingdom of God. Many Americans live a privileged life. Most of us have food in our pantry and enough money for more than necessities. Jesus said that it was easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich person to enter the kingdom of God (Matthew 19:24). We who are privileged with things, opportunities, education, and money will be judged more harshly than those without. We are expected to share our gifts and compassion and live Jesus’ message.


Have you read, “Masked Since Antiquity?


Photo 1. My daughter, Lisa, off the shore of the Sea of Galilee. Much of Jesus’ ministry took place here.

Photo 2. Sea of Galilee

Photo 3. Gate of Capharnaum

Photo 4. Ruins of Capharnaum. Jesus lived, worked, and prayed through this town.


Meditate upon the Mysteries of the Rosary with The Rosary Prayer by Prayer.


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