Walking in Someone’s Painful Shoes


My sister, Patti, says that everything is relevant. Patti is a financial advisor for Morgan Stanley. She says that if her clients are making money, they feel the market is doing well. If they are losing money, then the market is poor.

This concept can be applied to all factors of life. We view things from our personal perspective. It’s all about us and how we are affected. The economy is good if we are financially stable. Availability of fresh produce, variety of products in our local markets, access to cutting edge medical care, education in our town, police protection, and so on are evaluated from our point of access and experience.

Do you remember the saying that before judging someone we should walk a mile in their shoes? If we took that walk in the shoes of people of color we’d quickly notice how uncomfortable we’d be. 

Our eyes are finally opening to the challenges of Black and Brown people in our country every day. Most of us didn’t truly get the who-knows-how-many previous incidents that were brought to our attention. The death of George Floyd was the final injustice not only for the black community but, most everyone else. Enough is enough, and hopefully, we all do understand the disparity between the races and take action for justice and equality for everyone. Change is long overdue. 

Last August 9, 2019 in my post “Land of the Free?” I asked if you were satisfied with this world, you were satisfied with the condition in which we are leaving the planet to future generations. In addition to our disrespect of the Earth, we’ve discriminated against one group of people after another.

Looking through the diaries of Saint Theodora/Mother Theodore Guerin, written from her departure from France and arrival in America in 1840 to her death in 1856, we read multiple references to inequality. Saint Theodora writes of the mistreatment of Catholics, Irish, and Germans, and most of all, her abhorrence of slavery. Her inner desire was to purchase all slaves and set them free. Discrimination’s continued over the past century and a half with one group after another in addition to ongoing mistreatment of Blacks.

And perhaps, now we also can acknowledge the Native American community, as well as natives from Alaska, Hawaii, and the Pacific islands. These groups are among the most economically disadvantaged in the United States. Native American households are 400% more likely to report not having enough food than the average U.S. home due to poverty, rampant unemployment, and addiction. Some of the poorest counties in the US are in South Dakota Indian Reservations.

Change begins with everyone of us through our thoughts, words, and actions. It begins with one smile, one kindness, one hand reaching out to another be it through job coaching, education, or financial donations to organizations that support those in need. 

America was founded on the promise of equality. We do not have a caste system, the antiquated classification of people by social status and heredity that restricted movement to a higher economic level, employment opportunity, or living condition. Every American is supposed to have the same opportunities, the same chance of attaining the “Rocky” success story. Isn’t that what you want for yourself and your loved ones?

If the “American Dream” is right for one, it is right for all. 


Saint Mother Theodore Guerin/Theodora was an advocate for respect for all life forms. Read about her journey in Seven Principles of Sainthood and Saint Theodora and Her Promise to God.

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