Perfect Opportunity to Ponder

Contemplation is defined as deep reflective thought, to think profoundly about something. In a very busy life, there is little opportunity to contemplate on anything.

God, a Higher Power, Mother Nature, the Universe, humanity – whoever or whatever is responsible for this haunting virus, sent us to our rooms to think about what we need to do, we’ve done, or failed to do. Throughout history, there’s been economic crashes, floods, plagues, wars, tornadoes, and earthquakes, none of which ultimately changed our ways for the better. We continue to over-consume, hoard, abuse the environment, neglect the needy, and put employment and nonsense activity before relationships.

We can begin changing that today. Some of us have more free time than we’ve ever had before. Although, for others, it’s just the opposite. The Corona Virus/COVID-19 pandemic presents a two-sided coin offering some people a completely cleared calendar while others are busier due to working from home with children underfoot or in an essential business with longer hours.

I know the challenges of this situation first-hand. When my kids were pre-teens and teens, most of my work was conducted from home. I wrote newspaper articles and marketing materials, in addition to studying and completing assignments for college while my kids and many of their friends were in the house. It’s certainly not the easiest way to earn a living but does allow keeping your eyes on your kids.

If you are one of the lucky with time on your hands and no where to go, why not contemplate on where you are in your life and what changes you’d like to make?

For those of us with that extra free time, let’s ponder:

  • What would you like to do when this is all over?
  • What is important in your life?
  • Where is your passion, your greatest interest?
  • What changes should you make in your home, employment, spirituality, and actions?
  • How can you improve yourself, family, and home right now?
  • How do you abuse your physical, emotional, or spiritual health?
  • Are you as patient, loving, and compassionate as you can be?
  • Where can you serve the world and utilize your talents, gifts, and time?

The best answers come when we are silent and still. We have no excuses not to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity.


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  1. I want to get back to Mass!!!!!!!!!!!!! Girl, I have never missed anything so much in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Great post as usual. Love you and God bless, SR


    1. I totally agree! Thank you for commenting, SR.


  2. becky sperry · · Reply

    I miss my family and church friends

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