Shopping in an Apron Mask

Grocery shopping can be a time-consuming task, but I sure do miss running into a store to pick up exactly what I want when I want it. As advised by the CDC, I avoid going into the stores. Either a younger family member shops for me or I order from Instacart. The experience is mostly successful if I keep contact with the shopper as he/she goes through my list. They are quite good at asking questions and following any special instructions.

Shopping’s been one of the many challenges of this Corona virus. Older people who are not comfortable shopping online have few options, especially if they don’t have anyone to assist them.

I spoke with an older cousin today who insists on doing her own shopping. She said she is too particular to trust a stranger to shop for her.

She also has difficulty breathing through a regular mask. The last time she shopped she improvised by tying an apron around her face. The whole process left her exhausted after planning her protective gear and shopping, disinfecting, and putting away her groceries.

If you are younger and out shopping, please consider inquiring with your elderly relatives and neighbors to see if they’d like you to shop for them. Your help would be a blessing for them. However, don’t be surprised if they request you to use their apron for a mask.

Peace over Panic. Faith over Fear. Wisdom over Worry


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