Work as Worship

My wise, yoga friend, Hansa, asked what I’ve been up to. I told her that I was working a lot, grateful for the work, but had little free time. She responded, “Work is worship. Yes, we get paid, but we also worship through our work.”

I’ve been pondering Hansa’s words and understand what she was saying. Most work is a form of service. We fulfill a need with our labor. Whether we are employed selling clothing, replacing automotive tires, attending to patients in a medical office, cleaning homes, or repairing gutters, we are assisting others with their daily needs. We are working together as a people of God. And when done joyfully, we serve the Lord on a level that is pleasing to the Almighty.

I consider my writing and speaking somewhat of a ministry. My intention is to offer understanding, compassion, and guidance to those in similar situations. But now I intend to do this more intentionally as a form of prayer.


Upcoming Presentations:

3/17/20 –”From Home to Managed Care,” Arden Courts of Avon, CT
3/18/20 –”From Home to Managed Care,” Arden Courts of Farmington, CT
3/26/20 –”Navigating Alzheimer’s,” Arden Courts of Geneva, IL
4/2/20  – “Navigating Alzheimer’s” Inter-Faith Chapel, Silver Springs,MD

4/8/20 –  “Navigating Alzheimer’s,” Aspired Living of Prospect Heights, IL

See my latest post on Midwest Mary, “Dreaming of the Dead.”


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