Walking Away from Alzheimer’s Disease

We are counting down the days to the Alzheimer’s Association Walk in my area. I’ll be walking again in honor of my husband, Marshall Brodien, who passed away this past March. I truly do appreciate all who support me and the rest of us who get out there.

More than 5.7 million Americans are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and another is diagnosed every minute of every day. No one knows how many have it and are yet to be diagnosed because the disease can be in the brain 10-20 years before symptoms reveal the hidden destroyer. You and I may well be one of those people.

When you donate to the Alzheimer’s Association, you are investing in a future without this disease. Victims lose their life at a frightening pace. Not only are they affected physically, the disease robs their memories and connections to everyone and everything they enjoyed in this life. They come to a point when they may not even know their own name.

Every person with Alzheimer’s disease requires 3-5 caregivers, and nearly all of us know someone with it or has passed because of it. Alzheimer’s is a relentless demon that demands all available physical, emotional, and financial resources they and often, their spouse or supporting family member has.

The investment you make through your donation will save you financially and emotionally because Alzheimer’s costs all of us. We pay for public care through our taxes, and if you are supporting a loved one with the disease, you’re not only caring for them and paying for their care, you’re losing income and future pension money if you cannot leave them to go off to work.

If able, please donate. Give whatever you can. Every dollar raised brings us one step closer to a future without Alzheimer’s. And in the meantime, remember that the Alzheimer’s Association’s website is your source of information to tap into. You can also find information in my books:

Navigating Alzheimer’s:Amazon.com, ACTA Publications, and my website.

The Alzheimer’s Spouse: Amazon.com; ACTA Publications, and my website.


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