How Do You Pray?

Spirituality has definitely changed over the last few decades, but no doubt, people still do pray. Most know that there is something bigger than us, and especially in dire times, we call on that higher power to come to our rescue.

Although how we pray and to whom or what our prayers are directed differs than in generations past, some of the old tried and true methods continue to prove valuable. For example, I pray the rosary. Most often, I use the old string of rosary beads, but I also pray with an ap on my phone. 

Praying the Christ-centered rosary is physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy. Answers come while praying, and so does a sense of peace and reassurance that God is with us. The repetitive prayer lowers blood pressure. It distracts us from our worries. Answers come in those calm moments and so does inspiration and creativity. And mediating on the mysteries brings us closer to a God who’s shown great love throughout humanity.

For these reasons, the rosary is one of my favorite ways to prayer. I’d love to know how and when you pray?


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