Walking Toward Answers

“Walking a labyrinth is a meditative and healing experience that helps relieve stress, at least temporarily, by quieting the mind. Like a voyage to the center of our being, walkers claim that it promotes a sense of peace, compassion, and understanding. The special walk offers a period of repose, a peaceful break from life’s challenges. It assists with releasing anger, pain, and ego and ends with a feeling of hope, insight, and serenity, all of which are important and necessary aspects of healthy grief recovery.

Labyrinths are pathways consisting of one continuous circular route in and out of a hub. There are no dead ends or split paths as found in mazes. . . Like life, the distance from our goal can be deceptive. Often when the path leads closer to the center, the walker actually is a long distance away. Other times when the walker is moving along the outermost walkway, they actually are nearing the center.

This trail emphasizes that, no matter how far away we feel from answered prayers, in time, our prayers always are answered. We may not recognize the answer because it isn’t exactly what we wanted or how we thought the outcome would look. However, we must trust that the response is in the best interest of our whole life’s journey. ” -Excerpt from Grieving with Mary


Have you seen my latest post on Midwest Mary, on Vitamin D?

I’ll be presenting on The Alzheimer’s Spouse on 7/16/19, at Arden Courts of Avon, CT (860-677-1651) and 7/17/19 at Arden Courts of Farmington, CT (860-677-4060). If you are in the area, I’d love to see you there at this free event.


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