Memory Keepers

“You think you’re so smart, but you married me,” Marshall would say when he knew I was right about something we debated. He didn’t like to acknowledge when he was wrong. I was OK with that. His response always made me laugh.

Shared jokes such as this are one of the many things Alzheimer’s robs from couples. The disease is a thief. It devours our loved ones’ memories, and that includes memories of the marital histories that bind us.

Our loved ones cannot remember our romantic vacations, family milestones, celebrations, or struggles that we survived together. We no longer can reminisce about our first encounter, first kiss, or first date.

The “healthy” spouse is the sole memory keeper in the relationship. We remember. However, although our spouses cannot recall those special moments, the emotion attached to loving times remains somewhere deep in their hearts.

* * *

Please join me in discussing, not only how Alzheimer’s interferes with our marriages, but also how we can counter some of its affects. Following are my next presentation dates, times, locations, and topic:

5/9/19            4:30-6pm          Geneva, IL                     The Alzheimer’s Spouse

5/16/19         10-11:30            Palos Heights, IL          The Alzheimer’s Spouse

6/6/19            4:30-6:30          Glen Ellen, IL                The Alzheimer’s Spouse

The Alzheimer’s Spouse
Navigating Alzheimer’s


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