She Trusted That God Had a Better Plan

“After eight years, Sister St. Theodore was sent to another school. She did not want to leave the children in Rennes, but she trusted that God had another plan for her. The new school was in the small town of Soulaines. When Sister St. Theodore was not teaching, she spent time studying with a doctor. She learned how to care for people who were sick.” – Excerpt from Saint Theodora and Her Promise to God, children’s book.

The medical training Saint Theodora/Mother Theodore, who was then known as Sister St. Theodore, acquired in Soulaines was vital when she unexpectedly found herself in the middle of the American Midwestern woods alone with the sisters she traveled with, the new ones joining her community, and young students.

Medical care was otherwise unavailable. Had she not had that basic training, injuries and illnesses would not have been treated properly resulting in more problems. The sisters also founded a free, herbal pharmacy for their community and surrounding neighbors.

We don’t know God’s plans for us or why we often endure hardship. But if we truly are people of faith, we are best to leave it all in God’s hands. Eventually, we may realize the bigger picture, the value of our past and painful experiences. Until then, we can trust that God has our best interest and is right there with us.

(If you’ve read Saint Theodora and Her Promise to God or Seven Principles of Sainthood, I’d greatly appreciate it if you wrote a short Amazon review.)


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