Spoke Too Soon

“It would be better to be guarded in your words than always asking pardon.”

Saint Theodora/Mother Theodore Guerin

One of the greatest benefits of writing is the ability to edit. We have opportunity to reflect and correct before publishing.

All too often, our spoken words need to be clarified. We hear our own ridiculousness and then must follow up what was said with an explanation or even ask forgiveness for words that came out of our mouths too soon.

Saint Theodora/Mother Theodore Guerin counseled her sisters to be cautious about what they said to one another. The women worked closely together, and there were occasions when feelings were hurt. She encouraged the sisters to speak carefully and be patient and understanding with one another.

Pausing before speaking or hitting send when writing online or texting can save us embarrassment and others the affects of our wrath. Once hurtful words are out, the pain is caused. We can delete or apologize but the damage is done.

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