The Alzheimer’s Spouse

Alzheimer’s claims the lives not only of those with the disease but all those connected to them as well. And the closer we are to the loved one with Alzheimer’s, the more we are affected.

Certainly, Alzheimer’s damages everything about the partner with the disease as he or she slowly diminishes physically, mentally, and emotionally. But the “healthy” spouse is also victimized on every level as the care for both spouses, their shared marital expectations, the vows they made on their wedding day, their home, responsibilities that were once divided, their joint and individual activities, time with family and friends, intimacy, and finances are taxed to the max. The weight of the marriage and all responsibilities shift to the healthy spouse, who often is unhealthy in other ways.

My newest book, The Alzheimer’s Spouse. Finding the Grace to Keep the Promise, discusses the many ways spouses are affected by Alzheimer’s as well as offers options in dealing with these challenges. For example, when dining out, the time will come when well-lit, quieter lunches, work better than evening dinners when our spouse is more tired, agitated, and over-stimulated. It also may be more enjoyable to dine with another couple who understands our spouse’s condition and can assist us with him or her.

As many of you know, I write from experience and thorough research. My husband, Marshall, showed symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease for at least 15 years until he passed away on March 8th. And I’ve been writing professionally since 1972 in all forms of media including radio, cable television, newspaper, magazines, online content, advertising, and publicity. The Alzheimer’s Spouse is my 10th published book.

If you or a loved one is dealing with this disease, I’m here for you. Please comment on my blog or email me at You are not alone.

The Alzheimer’s Spouse is available on and from ACTA Publications. $14.95, 112 pages, paperback, ISBN: 978-0-87946-971-9.
If you read this book, or any of my other books, I’d greatly appreciate it if you write a short review on Amazon.

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