Say It and Pray It

Memorare, Angelus, Hail, Holy Queen, Sub tuum praesidium, and dozens of novenas. We have so many beautiful prayers to Mary, including, my favorite, the Hail Mary. That’s my go-to prayer. I pray Hail Marys throughout the day while working, walking, and of course, while praying the rosary. I even time my baking with Hail Marys. It takes 2-3 Hail Marys to make the perfect pizzelle.

Praying with words is the most common way to pray. We can talk to Mary or Jesus in our own words, with traditional prayers as mentioned above, and through devotional reading. Bibles and other good books offer words to ponder and opportunities to grow spiritually stronger, as well.

And there’re also song lyrics to promote devotion. How often we leave church singing the beautiful songs we sang along with the choir. The familiar tunes prompt peaceful feelings and a closeness to the divine.

The Sub tuum praesidium is the oldest known prayer to Mary dating to the third century. It’s still a meaningful prayer that covers our most basic pleas.

Sub tuum praesidium
We turn to you for protection
Holy Mother of God.

Listen to our prayers,
And help us in our needs.
Save us from every danger,
Glorious and blessed Virgin.

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