Soulful Connections

Photo by Erica Schwartz

When we’re feeling like God isn’t listening, it’s good to remember that we’re the ones who aren’t paying attention. God is in everyone and everything, including us. God is definitely paying attention 24/7.

Every now and then we run into someone who we feel so very comfortable with it’s like we’ve known them forever. I recently came across one of those people, the fabulous photographer, Erica Schwartz. I met up with Erica to get some head shots for a new book I have coming out early 2019 and the promotion that surrounds it.

But something happened quickly between Erica and me in the midst of background changes and poses. We got into some heavy conversations. We shared what’s dear to our hearts as well as some significant heartaches.

Eric is related to friends of mine. We’ve been introduced but knew little-to-nothing about each other. We had no bases for the conversations we shared.

Yet, Erica and I connected on a soul level. We saw the God in one another. A photo shoot became a memorable and empowering experience. Erica came into my life and said what I longed and needed to hear most. I believe she said aloud, and through a very special email and video she made for me, what God may be saying to me and I’m otherwise not hearing.

God probably said the same things to me before, perhaps through different people, but I didn’t understand. I didn’t hear. It took Erica for me to listen.

We don’t need to look far for the answers we seek. As I often say to my kids, the answers come. We just need to pay attention. God will reach us one way or another.

(Check out my new photos on this blog, Midwest Mary, and my author Facebook page. And if you’re looking for an excellent photographer, contact Erica Schwartz.)

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  1. Terri Mate · · Reply

    Love you both so much!

    And we love you!


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