When God Asks, How Do You Answer?

It’s not unusual for people to claim to see angels. But imagine that not only did an angel appear to you, but that angel told you not to be afraid. You were a favorite of God, and because of this, you were going to conceive a child before being married—in a time when such a position could result in stoning to death.

You realize that role is likely to promote humiliation and disbelief. Your life may even appear to be in danger. You would encounter heartache and hardship. Yet, this situation would play a pivotal role in the salvation of all human kind. (Luke 1:26-38)

Do you trust God enough to respond, “Sure, Lord? Count me in.”

Scripture tells us that is exactly how Mary responded. She truly trusted that if God requested that she do something, God would be with her every step of the way.

This is what we ponder when praying the First Joyful Mystery of the holy rosary.


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Fatima at 100. Fatima Today is available from ACTA Publications.)





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