How Long Will This Depression Last?

We prayed. We bargained. We begged. God did not answer our prayer as we hoped and now we are falling into a dark pit.

Depression is a common response to grief and often follows denial, anger, and bargaining. We feel powerless in our loss. Something or someone dear was taken from us and we could do nothing to stop it from happening.

Once in that depression, it can feel as if we will never see the light. We never will be happy, get ahead, or love again. And for those who aren’t normally depressed, the emotion can be frightening. We aren’t used to feeling so low and hopeless.

It’s important to recognize that depressing situations result in depression. We are emotionally reacting to something very sad, and this sadness will pass. We will not forget what was loved or desired but eventually will move on. This is normal. We are responding appropriately and are moving through the healing process by acknowledging our emotional pain.

If you are depressed, surround yourself with people who love you and activities you enjoy. Seek counseling if you don’t feel the clouds lifting. And pray. You are not alone. God does not leave us stranded on this earth. 

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Grieving with Mary Cover


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