Simply Serving

One of the basic obligations of a Christian is to serve one another, Jesus came to serve (Matthew 20:28) and show us how this should be done. Jesus reached out to the sick, poor, and marginalized. He shared his wisdom with all who listened. He even washed the feet of his apostles, disciples who served him.

We see this type of service with the saints. In fact, when a candidate is brought before the Church with the intent of canonization, a thorough examination of their life and works is presented to discover just how they did love and serve God and their neighbors. In fact, the preliminary title awarded the candidate is Servant of God.

On her First Holy Communion Day, when Saint Theodora/Mother Theodore was only ten years of age, she promised to do whatever God asked of her. At the age of 15, she accepted full responsibility for her ill mother and younger sister’s care. She ran the home and administered to her family’s needs.

When Saint Theodora entered religious life, she continued serving on a broader scale. She selfishly left her friends, family, and country to minister to the people in the American wilderness. Physically ill and often weak from the inability to eat solid food most of her adult life, she offered all she had to the people God entrusted to her care.

We too can serve the Lord by serving one another on various levels. How far we venture from our immediate circle is entirely up to us. The point is to joyfully share our selves and possessions with as many people as we can. A smile, jacket we never wear, an extra dollar, assistance with a chore. Little things make big differences in other people’s lives.

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