The Rosary Workout

From Labor Day through Easter, we eat our way from one holiday to the next. Each one of those holidays adds calories and a few more pounds.

I used to be able to eat anything I wanted without increasing my weight. Now I look at a recipe or menu and gain a pound. The older we get, the slower our metabolism, and getting enough exercise can be challenging.

One suggestion I have for you is to work out while praying the rosary. Praying while exercising is a physical/spiritual win/win situation. The mind is focused on prayer distracting us from giving up on the exercise. We spend time with the Lord and care for the body God gave us at the same time.

I’m limited to the physical activities I can do because of several health issues. Walking, riding the stationary bike, and yoga are pretty much my limit. I pray while doing one of these activities.

On dreary, cold days in the Midwest when I can’t walk outside, I walk up and down my stairs while praying. Try it for yourself, if your knees are in good shape. And if you don’t have stairs, step up and down a box or one outside step.

The stair-stepping for the length of the rosary certainly gets the heart pumping. The practice is a decent workout for body, mind, and spirit.

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