Christ is Risen!

If you lived when Christ walked the earth, would you have recognized him as our savior?

Saying, yes, is easier from our current perspective, but back then Jesus was known as a radical. He shook up the standard beliefs and how to live faithfully in the Lord. And if you didn’t have the blessing of seeing him in person, it would be difficult to grasp that he actually died and rose from the dead.

Numerous first-century people became disciples of Christ following the Resurrection at great risk of their own persecution. They did so because they did not doubt that Jesus, the Christ, arose from the dead after being tortured and crucified and enclosed in a tomb for three days.

Easter marks the realization of God’s promise of salvation—Jesus’ triumph of good over evil, sin, and death. The resurrection is one of our greatest mysteries and signs of hope. Those who trust in God and accept Jesus will also be raised from the dead.

Happy, Glorious Easter to all of you!

(The Rosary Prayer by Prayer, Grieving with Mary, Fatima at 100. Fatima Today.)

9780967744940     9780879465834-1     Grieving with Mary Cover


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