Saints for Support

Prayer in numbers is powerful, and we never have to pray alone. In addition to soliciting prayers from living friends and family as we are instructed to do in Scripture (James 5:14), we can pray with our spiritual friends, the saints. In addition to praying to God—the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—we can ask saints and angels to join us in prayer.

Saints are recognized as patrons of specific needs, and we have many who are related to health. Our holy mother, Mary is waiting to hear from us. Guardian angels also remain close, ready to assist. Here are a few others known for assisting with specific health needs that you may want to call in to pray your prayers along with you:

  • Abdominal Pain – Erasmus, Timothy
  • Alcoholism – John of God, Martin of Tours, Matthias the Apostle, Monica
  • Arthritis – Alphonsus, Maria de Liguori, James the Great
  • Cancer – Peregrine Laziosi, Mother Theodore Guerin/Theodora
  • Disabilities – Giles, Seraphina
  • Headaches – Teresa of Avila
  • Heart Disease – John of God
  • Lungs, Respiratory – Bernadine of Siena, Theresa
  • Strokes – Andrew Avellino, Wolfgang

You can read more on this and see a listing of Patron Saints for Seniors and others who are in need in Young in the Spirit.

(If you’ve read Young in the Spirit, please write a review. I’d really, really appreciate it.)

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