Lord, Lead Us

If we looked before we leaped, we may never take that jump. The road ahead often looks terrifying with unknown demons lurking in nooks and crannies. It takes courage and a good dose of trust in God to make the moves we know we should.

There’s a story in Saint Theodora/Mother Theodore’s journal of when she and her companions were to disembark a ship via a rope ladder into a smaller boat. Saint Theodora looked down the side of the ship knowing the descent was steep and the ladder shaky. However, she took a deep breath and lead the other sisters down.

That story illustrates Saint Theodora’s ability to lead and also trust in God. She knew God had plans for her and the U.S. mission, so all would be well. They would make it down that unsteady ladder and into the boat. If they fell or got wet, they’d get through it in God’s timing and in God’s way.

From the day Saint Theodora’s mother became ill and Saint Theodora took over her mother and sister’s care, she relied on God to persevere. She was young, about 15 years of age, but wise enough to put their lives in God’s hands. And she continued in this manner through her numerous personal and professional trials the rest of her life.

We all have challenges, particularly when we allow God to direct us to take on roles we’d otherwise be intimidated to do. Knowing God is with us, protecting us and our mission, is the fuel we count on to succeed. Life is easier when we allow God to hold the reins.

(If you’ve read Seven Principles of Sainthood or Saint Theodora and Her Promise to God, please write a review. Thank you!)

Seven Principles Cover

Saint Theodora and Her Promise to God. Book Scan


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