Holiday Pause

Tread carefully on one another’s hearts this holiday season. We can’t know the pain and sorrow anyone, including a close friend or family member, carries. They may wear a perpetual smile that masks an aching heart.

The holidays are an emotional time and can be quite disheartening for those who  experienced a significant disappointment or loss. We believe this time of year should be perfect. Rarely is anything without it’s flaws. And then we say and do little things that add to their pain, often without malice or even awareness. Yet these meaningless words and actions sting like salt on an open wound.

If only we pause before speaking or acting. A moment suspended allows us to think before doing and spares our loved one from anymore pain. It’s what we hope they’ll do for us.

(Grieving with Mary is available from, ACTA Publications, and my website.)

Grieving with Mary Cover


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