Favorite Saints

At mass yesterday for All Saints Day, Father asked the school children about their favorite saints. The question prompted me to contemplate as well, and I found my list to be quite long.

Saints Katherine Drexel, Elizabeth Seton, Francis of Assisi, and Mother Francis Cabrini are on there for sure. I’m intrigued with Kateri Tekawitha. St Anthony is my go-to saint when searching for lost articles. St Joseph assists with employment and family.

My favorite saint, without a doubt, is the Virgin Mary. I talk with her every day, all day. St Margaret Queen of Scotts is my childhood favorite. I took her name when confirmed because of her works of charity and love.

Saint Theodora, also known as Mother Theodore Guerin, tops my list as well. I became acquainted with her while attaining my Master’s Degree in Pastoral Theology at St Mary-of-the-Woods College, the school she founded.

I admire St Theodora for her ability to submit completely to God’s will. She trusted and entrusted her entire being into the hands of the Lord. For this reason, St Theodora may be considered a patron saint of faith. Her faith gave her the courage to persevere under tremendous adversity.

She also may be called upon when requesting prayers for the following:

  • Healing, Especially Cancers. Her first noted miracle was for a sister who prayed to her and was completely healed from cancer.
  • Eye Disorders. Her second noted miracle was for a gentleman whose vision was completely restored after praying to her.
  • Digestive Disorders. After suffering a severe illness and a “cure” that left her unable to eat solid food the rest of her life, St Theodora endured periods of frailty in part because of the inability to absorb proper nutrition.
  • Education. As the founder of St. Mary-of-the-Woods College, generations have received a higher education there. She ensured the education of both teachers and students.
  • Courage. St Theodora and a small group of religious women traveled from France to the undeveloped Midwest in the mid-1800s to found schools. They educated, and evangelized in spite of hardship and prejudice against Catholics and women.
  • Religious Orders. In ill-health and with few resources, St Theodora founded an American religious community that continues to spread God’s Word and education.

Who’s your favorite saint? I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. You know one saint I think of so much that to me is so often forgotten is St. Catherine of Aragon. What that woman went through and how she remained so faithful to God, beliefs and the Church to me cannot be topped.

    I love that she told Henry VIII, “For every 1000 theologians you can bring against me, I can bring 10,000 against you.” You know she could have.

    She suffered greatly at his hands, being sent away and never seeing her daughter again, not even upon her death. When I want strength she is always the one I go to. Thanks so much for all you wrote here. God Bless, SR


    1. Hello SR! Thank you for commenting. I didn’t know that Catherine of Aragon was named a saint. You are right in pointing out how she stood her ground and suffered for her beliefs. She could have lived well had she willingly submitted to her husband’s requests. I am going to call on her when I need strength-which is always! Thank you, my friend.


  2. I am a great big Tudor buff. I think she is one of the reasons why. On her death bed she wrote a letter to her cough, cough, husband forgiving him. I love the speech she gave in front of the court when he was trying to get her divorce. Girl, if that is not strength I do not know what is??? You may be able to Google it.

    Hope all is well with you and Marshall. Still offering every Mass for the both of you. I got your email, but have been busy trying to get Thanksgiving together and then sciatica is killing me so sitting for any length of time is out now. Could use some prayer for that and I thank you. Love you and God Bless, SR


  3. I’m also a Tudor buff! You certainly have my prayers, and I appreciate yours, SR. Much love.


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