Pray Continuously

“The Fatima message centers on prayer. We are instructed to pray–for and about everything–all the time. We pray to worship, ask for blessings, give thanks, and ask forgiveness. We go to God with our every thought.

“This is how we communicate with the Lord. We talk and listen from our heart. Like our communications with our closest earthly friends, the more we are together and talk, the more we have to say and the closer we become. We can carry on this type of conversation with the Lord in our own words–remembering to stop and listen as well as speak. . .

“When uncertain how to pray, say the Our Father. Everything is covered in the prayer that Jesus taught us (See Matthew 6:7-13). It’s a prayer that gives glory to God, recognizes God as supreme over heaven and earth, and asks for everything we need to be provided, forgiveness for our failings, and protection from evil. That prayer alone covers the entire gamut of possible prayer topics with the exception of giving thanks for all we have.

“Peace comes with the realization that we live in the midst of God. If we pray without ceasing, God will be visible to us in everyone and everything. We will be one with God and one another.” – Excerpt from Fatima at 100. Fatima Today

(October 13, 2017, is the 100th anniversary of Our Lady’s apparitions in Fatima, Portugal.)


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