Ask for Forgiveness

“Sin is not something we like to talk about, or even admit to, but the truth is that we all sin–and we sin often. We are surrounded by temptations, and the human spirit is weak. We repeatedly hurt ourselves, one another, and God’s creations.

The good part is that God forgives us. Amazingly, there isn’t anything we do or say that God won’t pardon with the exception of speaking against the Holy Spirit (see Luke 12:10), which repudiates the very God who forgives. Our heavenly Father is incredibly merciful.

. . . Before we can ask God for forgiveness, we have to acknowledge what we’ve done wrong. We need to analyze our thoughts, words, and actions to become aware of how we have failed. Such introspection takes courage and honesty.

. .  . Honestly reflecting on our failings promotes peace, because our attention is shifted to how we caused pain to others rather than the other way around. We have to admit what we did and how we could have done better. Our concerns are focused on improving what we do and less on what others are doing.”

Excerpts from Fatima at 100. Fatima Today. Ten Steps to World Peace.

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