The Rosary Gift of Peace


A few years ago, I spoke at a diocesan conference in the Gulf Coast on my book, Grieving with Mary. I was particularly impressed with a group of young people who showed their enthusiasm for our Holy Mother and said they pray the rosary daily. Unfortunately, I know few others of their age who do.

When I traveled to holy sites, I returned with dozens of rosaries that I distributed. Many wanted the beautiful rosaries, but I was surprised at how few prayed it. Most didn’t know how.

Mary’s repeatedly asked us to pray this prayer form. She’s said it is the way to peace in the world. Meditating daily on the life, ministry, Passion, and glory of Jesus with these beads is life changing.

In addition to the traditional way to pray the rosary, alone with the Lord, we also can pray with:

The combination of contemplation and repetition of praying this form of prayer is powerful. The Christ-centered prayers and mysteries draw us closer to the Lord. We find ourselves thinking of the Trinity and Mary throughout the day. And the repetition is calming, promoting inner peace.

Please try it for yourself, or if you already pray the rosary, encourage those around you to pray it as well. Let’s spread the gift of peace.

(For more on The Rosary Prayer by Prayer, see ACTA Publications or Fatima at 100. Fatima Today is only available from ACTA Publications. )












  1. I believe that it was my mother’s rosaries offered for me that led me to the rosary. Which of course, led me to our Blessed Mother, and Jesus:-)

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  2. How beautiful! My father died with the rosary my mother gave him when they got married nearly 50 years before. My mother taught my dad how to pray it, and Dad grew to love the rosary, maybe more so than my mother.


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