What Kind of Leader Are You?

“Leaders have the power to change the course of history. They envision a future few others see, develop a path to that future destination, and motivate others to follow their lead. They create ripples by challenging beliefs and encouraging personal and professional growth.

As parents, siblings, neighbors, co-workers, and friends we are all leaders to some degree. We have the capacity to create a ripple by changing the direction of a corporation, congregation, community, or family. Bringing fresh baked goods to a new neighbor more than welcomes that neighbor, By doing so, we clear a pathway to the community. Petitioning our neighbors and speaking to parent/teacher groups about school bus safety leads a community to safer transportation for our children. Covering for a co-worker home with a sick child sets a corporate precedent to work as one team and not as an individual. These steps may appear to be small, but they lead a community toward a positive path in progress . .

Just as that small stone thrown in the pond ripples across the water no action is so small that goes unnoticed or ineffective. If we all are responsible leaders who assist prospective leaders in their development, we also would be the recipient of the goodness reflected from these newly developed leaders. What we do for them comes back to us tenfold.

Imagine a world that continuously ripples with successes, accomplishments, generosity, and goodness. I believe that vision is a viable reality. I believe we can make that vision happen.”

Excerpt from Mentoring Heroes

(Mentoring Heroes is available from amazon.com and my website.)

Mentoring Heroes 001


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