Devotion of Louis Mary Grignion de Monfort

Followers of the Virgin Mary and her model of faith have existed since she walked the earth. Those who are blessed to know her then and now are captivated by her eager choice to accept God’s plan and strive to fulfill it.

Louis Mary Grignion de Monfort is one of our saints known for his devotion to Mary. He was the author of The Secret of Mary, The Secret of the Rosary, and True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin. His moto was Totus tuus (completely yours) and modeled the imitation of the Virgin Mary’s ongoing acceptance of God’s will.

Saint Louis reminds us in The Secret of Mary that we are chosen souls, the living image of God. Because of this we must devote all of our thoughts, words, and actions for the holiness of God. He said, “What a marvelous transformation is possible! Dust into light, uncleanness into purity, sinfulness into holiness, creature into Creator, man into God!”

Saint Louis said this transformation is accomplished by reading the gospel and discovering a simple means to obtain from God the Grace needed to become holy. His contention is that Mary offers that means. She alone found grace with God for every one of us. She is the Mother of Grace, the Mother of our Lord.

Born in Montfort, France in 1673 and educated at Rennes, Saint Louis was ordained in 1700. He became a chaplain and later was appointed missionary apostolic by Pope Clement XI. He also was a confessor and founder of the Sisters of Divine Wisdom and Missionaries of the Company of Mary. Saint Louis died in 1716 and was canonized in 1947.

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  1. Hey Mary,

    I know it has been a very long time but have been going through a lot!!!!!!! I have a new blog up now, I am posting about how I got through it all and thinking about writing a book. Probably will be emailing you on advice on that.

    I want you to know your books have helped me greatly through it all. Look forward to being back and have never ceased to pray for you, your situation, and husband.

    Loved the post. Love and God Bless, SR


  2. Thank you, SR. Please let me know if I may be of help. Love and prayers.


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