What’s the Story?

“Everything you look at can become a fairy tale and you can get a story from everything you touch.” 
― Hans Christian Andersen

As a writer, I look at everything with story potential. Every person, place, and thing is so much more than what we initially see. Layers of emotions and history build on one another to bring us to that moment in time.

We may encounter someone in a particular mood or scenario, but that is only a sentence in their book of life. The reasons they got there are numerous.

Nothing is simple or straightforward. We are connected to one another and everything. And we have more and less to do with it all than we realize. We often are hurt by things that have nothing to do with us and yet don’t take responsibility for what does.

Why not try a little experiment? The next time you look at something or someone, particularly if it disturbs you, imagine all the possibilities. Ponder beyond that moment. Feel your connection. There’s a story there, and you may well be a part of it.

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